Digital Library v6.2a R3-Build your Digital repository(March 2018)

Features are:

  • Ability to catalogue digital resources both inside the library and outside the library.
  • Admin can add file types like PDF, TXT, JPEG etc. while storing the digital contents onto the digital library.
    Where access is given – a user can easily download the eBooks and digital contents for both online and offline reading.
  • Ability to download the digital library catalogue from publisher sites and directly import onto Easylib library database.
  • Access external resources like electronic journals through online access.
  • Access digital information available on web.
  • Ability to give access to the contents within digital library of the organization to World Wide Web users based on their access level from the home page of the library.
  • Ability to connect to Open DOAR and other online digital content repositories from Easylib digital library.
  • Ability to see abstracts of the digital journals within Easylib database. Ability to implement secure login (restrict access to contents only when connected to library network).
  • More secure as it build in spring mvc architecture.

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