Campus ERP Upgrades

Easylib is happy to announce that our Campus ERP software is now more powerful than ever.  Almost all of the modules required by an education institute are covered here. see for a brief snapshot of screens.

Easylib Launches Publisher Integration

With Easylib application, now you can avail single window search amongst multiple subscriptions you have with IEEE and other Service providers. You put your search string and then click on “Search” which will search in the local collection or click on one of the journal repositories you have subscribed to.

Multi Branch Operations

Easylib has improved its multi branch options of managing your library. It will make following things easier Define multiple branches and assign home branches for staff, students and books Manage your holding across branches Stock verification by branch Get stock verified and missing stock report by branch Get cross branch transfer report easily This feature …

Lots of training videos

We are very happy to share that a lots of training videos are now available on our website as well as at We have prepared a video for every module. We encourage you to go ahead and try it out.

Moodle for Easylib

Easylib has now mastered the art of deploying and configuring Moodle application for offering online training classes. The very first offering is Easylib online courses. Each course goes in depth related to the specific module. It is both available on a self learning as well as guided learning mode. Call us to get access to …

Easylib Campus ERP

Easylib is very happy to update our Campus ERP software is getting into very good shape. It offers end to end modules as below Admissions Student information Staff information Attendance Time Table Assignments Examinations Transformation Fee collection Custom website and much more. Go ahead and call us to get a free trial.