Enrollment Management

New Education Policy brings in a lot of flexibility and at the same time poses new challenges. EasyOne makes attending to those challenges easy. You will be able to enroll your students into year of study (old method), various courses directly (new education policy), a group of courses (hybrid model) and much more. As the data is segregated by academic year, you will have clarity of history data as well.

EasyOne Enrollment System offers

  • Enroll student to the grade and section, class & section or courses.
  • Ability to enroll staffs to particular grade and class to take attendance
  • Close interaction with Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Ability to take reports of students and staff are enrolled to classes
  • Integration with Timetable & Attendance Modules
  • Ability to see full history data and navigate to student enrollments
  • Easy Import and Export Features to integrate with other systems


  • Flexibility in Enrollment
  • Clear Segregation of Data
  • By Grade, Batch, Course etc.
  • Hybrid Enrollment
  • Historical Data Accessibility

Why we need Grade Class Enrollment System

  • Academic Organization: A grade class enrollment system helps organize and manage student enrollment into specific classes, ensuring a structured and efficient academic environment.
  • Resource Planning: Facilitates better resource planning by providing insight into class sizes, helping educational institutions allocate teachers, classrooms, and materials effectively.
  • Administrative Efficiency: Streamlines administrative tasks related to class enrollment, reducing manual effort in managing student records, schedules, and academic documentation.
  • Student Progress Tracking: Aids in monitoring and tracking the academic progress of students by maintaining accurate records of class enrollments, grades, and attendance, supporting informed decision-making by educators and administrators.
  • Timely Information: Ensures timely access to class rosters, allowing educators to prepare for their courses, communicate with students, and tailor their teaching strategies to class dynamics.
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