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Upgrading to Easylib is very simple and straight forward process. See the demo of the application (60 minutes), place the provisional order (30 minutes), get your own Easylib instance as yourcollege.easylib.net (60 minutes), import your data (180 minutes), attend basic trainings (60 minutes) and keep using Easylib (Life time)

Our software platform offers you the following features

Library ManagementInstitutional Repository ManagementVisitor Management
Admissions ProcessingFee ManagementCampus ERP Overview
Mass CommunicationLearning Management SystemId Card Design and Print
Sales DeskService DeskSurvey Management
Campus ERP ReportsAPI Management
Display Board ManagementStudent Internship and PlacementDonor and Alumni Management
Transport ManagementAssets and Inventory ManagementEvent Management
Assignment ManagementQuiz ManagementExaminations Management
Project ManagementSystem Health CheckJournal Publications
Time Table ManagementAttendance ManagementBarcode Printing
Data Quality ImprovementDashboard(KPI) and metricsSyllabus Management

Easylib 6.4a Cloud Version Demo for Your Library

Easylib 7.2a Cloud Campus ERP for your educational institute

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Time to evaluate, load the data, attend training – a few hours. Joyful usage – a few years.

Cost of Easylib license, hosting and maintenance – A few thousands a year. The joy of staying ahead – precious.

Time Tested, Proven and Reliable Deployment Methodology

Entire migration activity completes within one day to one week

Rich features to help you differentiate yourself

Student (OPAC) Features

  • Search on your physical library
  • Search in Digital Library
  • Search in Journal Subscribed
  • Access partner libraries
  • Use Federated Search
  • Read full text digital content
  • See New Arrivals
  • See Current Circulation
  • See Circulation History
  • Reserve and Renew
  • See New Arrivals
  • Maintain Personal Library
  • Access Own Documents
  • Access Campus Functions
  • Password Reset
  • Register for Events
  • Recommend Books
  • Give Feedback

Staff Standard Features

  • Requisition Analysis
  • Acquisition Process
  • Quotation Comparison
  • Cataloguing
  • Catalogue Reports
  • Stock Verification
  • Membership Management
  • Circulation
  • Serial Control (Periodicals)
  • Generate Receivables
  • OPAC Set Up
  • Customized Reports
  • Customized Statistics
  • Analyze Library Usage
  • Print Barcodes
  • Govern Security
  • Email and SMS Gateway
  • Z39.80 and APIs

Staff Advanced Features

  • Vendor Login to Quote Prices
  • Schedule Due Notifications
  • Customize Own Dashboards
  • Upload Display Boards
  • Student Satisfaction Survey
  • Visitor Management
  • Performance Analysis Ability
  • Manage Own Publications
  • Logins for NAAC/NBA/NMC
  • Print Student Id Cards
  • Form User Groups
  • Data Quality Assessment
  • Manage Multiple Branches
  • Form Union Catalogues
  • Write Own Reports
  • Visitor Management
  • One Click Support
  • Expand to Campus ERP

And it does not stop here. Expand to Campus Administration System.

Establishment Features

  • Set up all institutes in society
  • Set up your buildings and rooms
  • Define academic years
  • Define courses, fees,
  • Define exam types, exams
  • Announce Admissions
  • Collect Applications Online
  • Review and Grant Admissions
  • Manage Fees and Reminders
  • Maintain Student Master Data
  • Maintain Staff Master Data

Teaching Faculty Feature

  • Publish Syllabus
  • Build Yearlong Schedule
  • Make Lesson Planning
  • Offer Classes offline / online
  • Mark Attendance
  • Upload Assignments
  • Upload Quizzes
  • Assessment
  • Conduct Exams
  • Evaluate and Enter Marks
  • Generate Marks cards

Administrative Features

  • Set up role based homepages
  • Design and Print Id Cards
  • Manage Entire Inventory
  • Manage Student Transport
  • Alumni Management
  • Placement Management
  • Schedule Batch Alerts
  • Generate Reports as Needed
  • Interface through APIs
  • Manage Projects

About Easylib

Easylib is an innovation focused company. We breathe innovation. It is in our genes. The range of products we offer are at the forefront of the domain. Samples products include – Campus Automation, Library Automation, Customer Relationship Management, Scholarship Management, Fund Raising for Trusts and much more.

Still have more appetite, try our newer modules


Announce scholarships, take applications, evaluate the forms, find donors, grant scholarships, track progress, complete the cycle when students become donors


Fund Raising

Review sample project plans, copy as needed, wriite your own project plans, send to companies, get CSR funds, deliver projects, evaluate the impact and repeat the cycle.


Event Registration

Schedule events, build registration forms, take registrations, print registration forms, track attendance, stay in touch for regular communication.


Ticket management system to help you ensure nothing important gets dropped

Sample Clients of Easylib on Easylib 6.2a or 6.4a Cloud Version

Nitte University, Mangaluru

Ten colleges under Nitte University use Easylib. Also have a Union Catalogue built helping them get a unified view of the collections, share resources as well as give the best of the features to students and teaching faculty.

SDM University, Dharwad

Five colleges under Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara University Dharwad use Easylib software for their medical and other health science colleges. Easylib client for more than a decade.

KLE University, Belagavi

Over ten colleges in KLE Group Belagavi use Easylib software to manage their library operations and a few of them on the latest version of Easylib software.

College of Fine Arts

Chitrakala Parishat and College of FIne Arts at Bengaluru manage their special library that has unique collection of books, designs, drawings, sculptures on Easylib Library Software.

Al Badar Dental College

Albadar Dental College, one of the most reputed dental colleges in Northen Karnataka uses Easylib to manage their library operations.

Mount Carmel College

Mount Carmel College at Bengaluru with more than 2,000 issues and returns per day uses Easylib integrated with RFID Technology.

Alvas Group

Alvas Engineering, Ayurvedic, Homeopathic and Degree colleges use Easylib latest version. Alvas Engineering College has RFID integrated with Easylib and stands apart in terms of excellent service.

Vidyodaya Law College

Vidyodaya Law College Library at Tumakuru has taken initiative to catalogue not only books but also thousands of digital material helpful to law students.

Rani Channamma University

Rani Channamma University uses Easylib to manage their entire library system across main campus and two additional colleges and PG Centers. Truly state of the art solution it has sharing resources among the three branches.

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