Easylib Version v6.2a R2 Released-Conversion of part of a Client Server version to Web version(February 2018)

Features Include:

  • Catalogue all your physical and digital material as per library standards
  • Build subject trees, assign class numbers and default locations for material
  • Ability for complete stock verification facility for your physical collection
  • Get various customized reports for all your collection
  • Ability to display books purchased by department wise with quick search.
  • Ability to improve catalogue and display the data by Books with no title, Books with no Author, Books with no Class Number, Books with no ISBN, Books with no Publisher, Year and Place, and Books with no location.
  • Ability to see all the Members data.
  • Ability to correct wrong data entered and assigning selected accession number to a correct department, Publisher, Subject and Language.
  • Ability to set library parameters like Catalogue Correction Parameters, Communication Parameters, Financial Parameters and SMS Details of Circulation.
  • Ability to add catalogue links on the homepage.
  • Ability to see the details of Books that are out of library.
  • Ability to display member’s transaction count for Books Borrowed and Returned, Books Borrowed and Not Returned, Total Number of Visits to Library.
  • Ability to add and save the information of items requested by Staff, Student or Librarian.
  • Ability to see the list of items requested.

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