Easylib launches Web Opac v6.2a R1 (January 2018)

Features Include:

  • Completely revised Web OPAC including all existing features, new features and compatible with your database with minimum impact to your daily operations.
  • Ability to maintain own website for library and keep it updated without any programming help. Librarians themselves will be able to update the site easily.
  • Ability to extend your catalogue information for each material by adding cover page, table of contents and other related details of the specific book being searched. In addition, the software also will search Union Catalogue to get relevant already catalogued information by other similar libraries.
  • Ability to link eBooks, CD, Audio, DVD and other material with each catalogue entry to give a holistic availability experience to the students.
  • Ability to make announcements on your website of the new events in the college / library / community and are of interest to the students.
  • Ability to pre-set explore searches at regular intervals, link partner libraries and external sources of data for your library patrons, accomplishments and many more.
  • Ability to feature the books based on significance of the day and week. E.g. During Kannada Rajyotsava week, top Kannada books along with the cover photographs can be published.
  • Ability for the library users to provide feedback on the library services, ask questions, make book recommendations and many other features. Tabular report for periodic reviews.
  • Advanced search that provides ability for the students to form their own search string, drill down and many other features that make search a truly a joyful experience for the students.
  • Advanced reports for librarians as well as other authorized users.
  • Ability to set pre-determined library performance indicators as per NAAC, NBA, UGC, MCI, LIC and other accreditation organizations and get real time reports as and when needed.

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