Easylib is happy to announce that the following changes have been incorporated in the Easylib 6.4a product for Library Automaton.

  1. Barcode Printing – Ability to maintain a barcode queue and print barcodes when you have sufficient enough to print one full A4 size sheet of barcodes.
  2. Communication Module – Ability to send SMS and Email on the fly from the member list. New screens to see statistics of SMS and Email messages sent to students.
  3. OPAC – More options in OPAC for students to view digital library material by course, branch. eBook Type, department etc. This is in addition to search options already available.
  4. OPAC Zero Hits – Ability to see what your students are searching for not getting. Ability to reach them proactively to check whether they want the library to procure material they are searching for.
  5. API Module – Many more APIs to make it easy for you to integrate Easylib with other software for campus administration you may have already

In addition to this, there are many small enhancements and bug fixes are done where issues were seen.

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