The Learning Management System (LMS) is an exhaustive module within Easylib that helps Professors define courses by each grade-class, Break up course by weeks, Upload the learning material and release them to students on a managed way as desired by the professor. The system then gives an intuitive feeling to the students driving them towards the leaning material.

Why you need LMS for your institute

  • Centralized Learning: It provides a centralized platform for organizing and delivering educational content, making it easily accessible to learners.
  • Scalability: Enables efficient management of training programs for a large number of users, ensuring consistency and scalability as an organization grows.
  • Tracking and Assessment: Facilitates tracking of learners’ progress and performance through assessments, quizzes, and analytics, allowing you to measure the effectiveness of training programs.
  • Resource Optimization: Streamlines administration tasks, reducing the time and resources required for training coordination, enrollment, and reporting.
  • Hybrid Mode of Learning: It facilitates offline and online hybrid mode of learning increasing overall effectiveness of learning.

EasyOne LMS Offers

  • Creating a course independently or as part of a Grade curriculum
  • Gives ability to create weekly sessions for particular course and option to upload various types of material for the particular sessions
  • Ability for the students to see the courses they have enrolled and complete the expected learning


  • Students can access the materials by logging in to application
  • Admin can see who ever have accessed the materials
  • Allows Professors to take various types of reports and get statistics
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