Easylib has revised its product offerings to help educational institutes. Following are our products. 

(1) Easylib for Libraries – 

This state of the art application provides integrated experience of managing your library with features of 

  • Student Self Service Portal
  • Physical Library Management
  • Digital Library (Institutional Repository)
  • Branch Management
  • Student Visitor Management
  • User Communications and much more

This is positioned as a premier product in this segment and offered at a low price of Rs.36,000 per library staff per year. Discounts apply when procuring license for more than 3 users for each library. 

(2) Easylib for Campus Administration – 

This offers end to end features to manage your group of colleges as a whole. It uses same database that library system uses making the upgrade extremely easy for existing library software clients of Easylib. The role based security mechanism ensures access rights are governed as per the defined roles. The features covered include

  • Establishment features to define institutes, academic years, courses offered, grading system etc
  • Admissions management to make announcements, collect online applications, collect fees, manage enrollment to various grades and electives
  • Academic management including curriculum design, learning management, attendance, timetable, assessments, quizzes, examinations, marks card generation etc. 
  • Administrative modules to manage Inventory, Transport, ID cards print, Periodic Surveys etc. 
  • Student Relationship Modules like Internships, Placements, Alumni Relationships, Events etc 

Being recently launched, we are offering very good discounts for early bird customers. Reach us to get your free trial version and start using it. 

(3) Special Software Packages

The below suite of products cater to specialized needs of educational institutes and other organizations. 

  • Ticketing System for maintenance of your establishment
  • Proposal Writing to raise funds from various sources
  • Scholarship Management to announce scholarships, collect forms, raise funds and grant 
  • Project Management to thoroughly track your developmental projects
  • Event Announcement and Registrations

These products have been developed with years of research and interaction with hundreds of professionals. We are very happy that adoption to our products has been very encouraging and 



Vasu M Deshpande
Easylib Software Pvt. Ltd.
+91-97422-04624 India
408-663-2260 USA 

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